Monday, 19 August 2013

So What Are the RULES ?

Yes, there are rules to follow. Remember all that is posted in this blog is to make your life simpler. Hence all the tutorials are structured in a fixed format so that you know where to search for the information you desire.

So what do you need to know:
Every post will have the title in the following format "Chapter number - Concept explained". 
The reason for this is that if you want to follow the tutorials in a sequential manner you can do this by searching the posts based on the Chapter name. And for those who want to search the tutorials on particular concepts can do so by searching for the that concept.

Every post will have a explicit link to the previous post and the next post.
Every tutorial will have a example to emphasize the concept.
In case any one thinks some information is irrelevant or  some concept can be explained better feel free to comment.

(use the options on the right top side of the code to view, copy or print the code)

These are all the rules i could think of. As the blog grows i will add more based on past experience.

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