Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lets Install C

The operating system under consideration is windows xp, windows 7 or any other windows 32bit OS.
The software used is Turbo C++.

Step 1: Download the Software Here.
Step 2: Extract it to any drive (eg. C:\ , D:\ etc)
Step 3: Open the tc3 folder and double click on  Install  which will open the installation UI (check the picture below) (There are 2 files called INSTALL, double clicking on any one will give the same result)

Step 4: Press Enter and select the source drive, i.e. the drive where you extracted tc3 (in this case its C:\) and press enter again to continue. In the next screen the source folder (i.e. TC3) will already be selected.

Step5: Now select start installation using arrow keys. Simply press enter to install and press any key to view the Read me and hit Esc key to exit.

Step 6: Start programming.

Complete tutorial on installing and compiling C on Linux(Ubuntu).
Complete tutorial On Installing C on 64bit Windows OS.

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  1. thank you very much it helped me a lot.looking forward for the tutorials to learn to write programs in C.:)