Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chapter 7 - Writing our own program

Now that we know quite a bit about programming lets try to mend some problems into our programs.
You all know that how using integer values to store (result of) a float neglects the decimal part. We can make use of this logic to separate the decimal part from the whole number.

What i mean to say is if you are given a number like 3.4563 write a program to separate the decimal part. So the program should only print 0.4563

For those who cant figure out the solution can use the code below.

 Author : Ryan Sequeira  
 Date : 12th September 2012  
 Title : implementing a complex equation
 with short hand


void main()
  float num=34.3345,result;
  int temp;

  //our logic
  temp = num; // this will store the number without the decimal part
  result = num - temp; // this will subtract non decimal part

  printf("The decimal part is : %f",result);

I know you might be wondering y only one program. the thing is i got this idea for a simple program and wanted to share it. Without the knowledge of comparisons and loops there not a lot different that can be done, hence i have reserved a lot of fun practice programs after we learn a little more on programming.

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